Sunday, February 10, 2008

I've been tagged

So, I've been tagged twice in a week!  That's a lot for the usual, never....

Apparently I am supposed to abide by some rules:

the rule of 7:
1. i must link the tagger to my blog and list the rules;
2. i must share 7 weird bits about myself 
3. 7 new bloggerites must be tagged and must be made aware with a comment in their blog.

Ok, here goes.

1.  Just like Madeline who tagged me, I have done my fair share of moving around as well.  While I am also not an army brat, my dad's company was transferred every 2 years growing up so I was born in Dallas, TX then moved to Cherry Hill, NJ -> Beaumont, TX -> Brussels Belgium -> Houston, TX -> Vienna, VA -> Rochester Hills, MI -> Statesboro, GA -> and now I am back in NOVA.  Where to next?  hmmm....

2.  I'm gluten-free!  Does that count as something weird about me?  Probably not to all you gluten-free bloggers but every time I mention it to someone "normal" they look at me really weird!  

3.  I am an artist.  This isn't weird.  I am going to just list facts.  

4.  I come from a big Irish-Catholic family.  My dad is 1 of 9 and my mom is 1 of 7.  I have something like a billion cousins that all live far away!  For the most part they live in Dallas, TX and Kansas City, MO.  I only get to see the KC fam once a year...and the TX family very rarely.  :(  I miss them often.

5.  Lea admitted to being a TV junkie, so I will too.  I'm a big fan of Monk and the Office as of recently.  Recommended to all!

6.  Love books but I prefer to read fact and not fiction, although, every time I read fiction I usually end up liking it.  

7.  My family is still best friends with our neighbors from when we lived in Brussels.  After all these years and many moves between both our families, the McQuillin's are all living in VA and me and my 2 siblings live here, too.  It's sort of cool, we are hoping that my parents will move here next and we can all be neighbors again!

The victims of my tagging :-)

7.  Ryan

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Sea said...

I FINALLY completed this here meme. Sorry it took so long! I hope you'll come visit me and see the results. ;)