Monday, May 3, 2010

Silver Diner

Silver Diner has a gluten free menu. Among their items are gluten-free waffles. Yum!
You can check out their website [HERE]

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Kitchen said...

Hey Katie.
My name is Bryan and I want you to come check out Cafe Green: Organic Vegan Dining in Dupont Circle. 1513 17th Street NW.
We offer gluten-free items on our regular menu; such as the Massmon Curry and the Free Temptation, Root Vegetable Chili and Chocolate Cheese Cake; on Sundays we offer brunch with items like Belgium Waffles, tofu-scramble and coconut-meal all gluten-free. That is a small sampling of what we offer to those of us with gluten-intolerance/Celiac etc. Please get back to me -